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Tired of the gym bros? Or the trainers that think that “pushing through the pain” is how you get results?  We are here to tell you that fitness should be done differently.

Your fitness journey. Our personalized guidance.

Fitness fads, quick fixes, and crash diets aren’t sustainable. We create a unique fitness plan to help you reach your personal training goals with professionals who understand you. Start here:

In-home & virtual personal training that works.



Work one-on-one with one of our female personal trainers who not only understands you, but also has the knowledge and expertise to teach you how to reach your fitness goals for long-term sustainability.



We focus on the way you feel, not just the number on the scale.  And we believe if you understand the reason why, results will follow.  So let us evaluate your fitness level, create a 6-week plan, and show you how to get the results you’re looking for.



Engage in our various member forums, and join our group fitness classes– all included with every membership at no additional cost.

Also see our online personal training for couples.

No before & afters.

We don’t “do” before and after photos on our site. A risky move? Maybe.

But we believe fitness is about how you feel, not just the number on the scale or your pants size. We’re here to help you live effortlessly – and that’s worth so much more than a photo.

Easy process.

We are ready to get started working with you as soon as you’re ready to commit to your fitness journey.  Book your first session (as soon as tomorrow) and fill out your onboarding paperwork to get started.

Honest, transparent, and encouraging – that’s how we do things.

Female-focused personal trainers.

Are all of our trainers female? 95% of us are.  We even specialize in injury prevention/rehab and women’s health.  So whether you are looking for performance-style training to hit your triathlon goals or want to lose weight while dealing with PCOS, our female personal trainers are here to help. 

Hubby wants to work out with you?  We don’t want to leave him out.  We provide couples training, too!

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1: Schedule your Introductory Session

2: Get to Know You

3: Workout

4: Get Klasik Fit!

Hear from our members.


Ready to start living life effortlessly?

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Limited Time Only!

Book your First Personal Training session for just $40 today (normally a $95 value).  During your 60 minute session, we will complete a physical assessment, and functional movement screening, and put together a 6 week fitness plan. 

We GUARANTEE to give you a 6-week plan customized to your specific goals.  If you’re not happy with your plan, get your money back!

Fresh tips & tricks to keep you on track.

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A Customized Approach to Fitness with 1 on 1 Personal Training