Redefining fitness, one member at a time.

Our story, inspired by you.

Founders and husband and wife team, Lauren and Jerry Klasik, launched Klasik Fit in August 2020. With a mutual passion for fitness and wellness, the duo saw an opportunity to offer more than just the same old personal training model.

People want connection. People want education. People want a customized and personalized journey. And Klasik Fit delivers.

Klasik Fit is your one-stop-shop for personal training, workout plans, and building healthy habits, either in your home or virtually.

We offer our members a complete health and fitness experience. From the initial in-depth personal training session, to building the road map to your perfect “fit”, we support you on your journey, and empower you to keep going.

Meet Lauren,

Specialties: NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Women’s Health, Pre and Postnatal, Injury Prevention

Lauren is a tenured 10+ year sales and marketing manager that decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her passion for fitness.

Before she discovered her obsession with indoor cycling, which led to a 30 lb weight loss and her fitness journey, Lauren says, “I was one of those people that would go to the gym and go on the elliptical or treadmill for 45 minutes here and there. It was something I knew I had to do, but didn’t enjoy it.”

Lauren’s fitness journey continued through her pregnancy in 2022 when she became certified in pre and postnatal fitness support.  “Women deserve to have the support they need to not only start their fitness journey but continue it throughout their pregnancy and postpartum.  Fitness is NOT the same for everyone when it comes to pregnancy.”

Lauren believes that no matter what phase you are in within the fitness process, there is always room to get better and stronger; fitness does not change us, it elevates us.

Meet Jerry,

Specialties: 10+ Years Training Experience, Nutrition Expertise

Growing up Jerry was a very active kid, but ate very unhealthy food. At the age of 16, he was over 270 pounds and knew he needed to make a change. This sparked a new interest in different training styles and how to take care of his body both inside and out.

After losing nearly 100 lbs and establishing a healthy lifestyle Jerry knew he needed to help others.

Jerry says, “I grew up in industries centered around customer service, and once I set my eyes on holistic personal training I knew it was going to be my life-long career. I’m here to bring my knowledge and passion to my clients to empower them to make the same life-long changes I’ve made.”