How to Set Realistic New Year’s Resolution Goals

Fitness Education, Health Information

We are finally on our way into 2021 and with all the surprises, twists, and turns in 2020, we are going to be looking for change in the New Year. An estimated 50% of Americans will create a New Years resolution over half of them will be Fitness/Weight Lose related.  But did you know that nearly 80% fall off before February?

When you take this into consideration, you have to wonder why do so many fall off so quickly!? It comes down to three primary reasons:

First, the reason behind your goal isn’t strong enough. Most who create their New Year’s Resolution do so out of impulse. We say to ourselves “It’s the new year and that’s what I’m supposed to do”. When you craft a goal for yourself, you need to have some conviction behind it. Be very specific with your intentions & goals not only heading into the New Year, but all the time. This isn’t always easy!  This is why we spend so much time building out micro and macro plans. You have to understand how the small steps lead to big changes, but to define the small steps you have to have the larger goal in mind.

Second, Lofty Goals. How many say “I’m going to go to the gym everyday for the next month and cut out junk food completely?” This expectation of perfection after not hitting the gym and binge eating through the holidays is an unreal expectation. Build yourself a buffer & have a plan that will aid in steady progress not instant failure. Start small and gradually increase over the first 4-6 weeks. Start with 2-days per week in the gym and eating healthy 4-days for the next 4-weeks. From there, you continue to increase your activity and healthy eating habits. Quitting cold turkey is not a good place to start.

Lastly, your resolution is coming from a negative perspective or place. Most of us are unhappy with something in our lives (that’s normal and that’s ok!). When it comes to goal setting or anything in life, pull from the positives and not the negatives. Far too often, negative body image and self doubt cloud the reason you are getting into fitness or nutrition. Be your own best advocate & be proud of yourself for reflecting on what you want to improve on. Build goals that allow for you to build confidence and don’t beat yourself up when one little thing doesn’t go according to plan.

Klasik Fit originated on basic principles that address many of these areas. Our team has been in these situations and has overcome many, but just like you, we all still battle on a day to day basis. Sometimes all we need is some coaching, guidance, or motivation to get closer to your goals or discover new ones. Happy New Year to you and your family and may 2021 be your best year yet!