How You Can Do Your Part To Support the LGBTQ+ Community


Happy Pride Month!

Klasik Fit wants to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and talk more about how to support them! Keep reading for how you can do your part to show love and support to LGBTQ+

Be an ally. What does this mean? This starts as simple as treating others how you want to be treated. Treat everyone with kindness and respect even if they are different from you. Being an ally means being open minded and being a good listener. You’d be amazed how many people would appreciate an open ear.

Stand up for the LGBTQ+ community. If you’re hearing someone being mistreated or misspoken to, stand up for them! Supporting the LGBTQ+ community means defending them in times of need. This doesn’t mean being rude or hurtful, no need to fight negativity with more negativity.

Respect each other’s pronouns. If you aren’t sure what someone’s pronouns are, just ask them! They would much rather you ask than for them to be mislabeled and have to feel awkward about correcting you. Supporting the LGBTQ+ community includes being respectful of how they choose to represent themselves!

Keep learning. Educate yourself and be open to hearing people’s stories! The more experiences you hear about, the more open minded you become. Never stop learning, and always have an open mind about learning more about topics you might not understand.

Support LGBTQ+ businesses if you can! This doesn’t have to mean spending money on their products (although if you can that’s awesome!). You can show support to businesses by leaving kind reviews if you have worked with them or bought their product. Supporting a business can even be as simple as liking, sharing or commenting on their social media posts!

We want to wish you a Happy Pride Month and show you that we support you and we love you! Everyone is accepted and loved at Klasik Fit.

We want to open the discussion to you, our clients! If you have a story or experience you’d like to share feel free to email us info@klasikfit.com and we would love to give a voice to those who want to share their experience!