Introducing…..Klasik Fit On Demand!


When it comes to fitness, there are just SO MANY OPTIONS!  How do you know what will work for you?  That’s really the problem with the fitness industry.  There are so many options and we try different things to be left disappointed, inconsistent, or feeling lost when movement is so much simpler than that.

While Klasik Fit offers many options on ways to get moving, our goal is to keep you informed on what you can expect with each service and arm you with all of the information you would need to know so that you are successful within the modality you choose.  So what is our on demand library and is it the right “fit” for you?

Klasik Fit’s on demand library contains 10 self paced progressive workout programs that you can complete on your schedule, your time.  The 10 self paced programs include:

Bump to Birth:  Trimester 1

Bump to Birth:  Trimester 2

Bump to Birth:  Trimester 3

Injury Prevention:  Back rehab

Recover and Recharge:  Yoga edition

Strength training:  Dumbbells Only

Train like an Athlete

Total tone:  Bodyweight only

Xpress Sweat: Short and Sweaty

Hard to the CORE

Our team specializes in many areas of fitness, but our main focus is women’s health (hence our pregnancy programs).  Each program is created by one of our Personal Trainer’s that specializes in that specific area of fitness.  They will walk you through step-by-step each week with follow along workout videos, written workouts, and helpful tips!

These programs are all “progressive”.  What does that mean?  A progressive program starts at point A with the goal of getting you to point B by the time you complete the program.  This could include building a stronger core, working out safely in your second trimester, to building muscle mass.  These workouts within the programs are meant to follow in order so if you “miss” a day, you would pick up the following day with the workout you missed.  The great part about these programs is you can do them over and over again and create new challenges for yourself from not skipping days to trying more advanced suggested movements.

The length of the programs range from 30 days to 12 weeks to ongoing with no end date (depending on the program itself).  With each of the programs, you can expect anywhere from 3 to 4 workouts per week in different formats including full workout videos to easy follow along with written workouts with video tutorials.  The length of the workouts themselves range from 20 minutes to an hour depending on where in the program you are.

You will also have access to your own trainer!  Each trainer that put your program together for you is available for messaging through the app at any point.  A move not feeling right?  Ask your trainer!  Need a modification?  Ask your trainer!  Just want to say hi to a friendly face?  Let’s chat!

Finally, when you are a member of our on demand library, you will also have access to join live virtual group fitness classes throughout the week!  The weekly schedule will be posted in our community group where you will have the chance to register for these classes.

Klasik Fit’s On Demand Library is currently on pre-sale for the month of January for ONLY $15/month!! As of February 1st, the cost will increase to $25/month.  Want to check the Klasik Fit app out?  Here is a 7 day free trial!