Introducing Klasik Fit Wellness Solutions!

Health Information

Did you know that Klasik Fit has a partnership program?  We have been able to help companies champion their employee wellness program, allow our resort partners to expand their offerings in fitness, and help residential management companies offer unparalleled fitness services.


If you find yourself asking why – we are here to help explain the benefit of partnering with Klasik Fit!

Wellness in every sense of the word is on the climb. Even before the pandemic, the United States had started to see an uptick in the general population seeking wellness. Fast forward 18 months and demands for well being are at an all time high.


For our corporate partners, having a robust wellness program is essential to not only be competitive in the job market, but to also take care of their employees proactively. Offering group fitness on demand, having a personal training provider, or gamifying wellness can all be effective measures to getting your employees happier and healthier. Klasik Fit can bring team building workshops, nutrition coaching, group fitness, yoga and much more.


Resorts during the pandemic were hit the hardest. From convention centers to just family friendly resorts, the hospitality industry was hurt badly. While we rebound back to normal life, resorts and hotels need to be competitive in their offerings to attract visitors. More guests are looking at spa/fitness amenities more than ever. Klasik Fit is able to be that partner and ramp up group fitness, personal training, and other recreational activities on an as needed basis. We handle everything from hiring to oversight and customize it based on our partners needs.


Residential partnerships have become vital to property offerings. The demand for wellness & fitness is growing so having an exclusive partner that can be on demand and deliver quality service to your residents is important to the tenure of tenants. By having a partner that can employ new classes and on demand training it allows you to stand out.


Klasik Fit is unique in the quality of service that is provided and the extent of our programs. Our partners have been able to see ROI quickly by implementing these programs. Not to mention with little to no startup or fixed costs this partnership is very friendly. So don’t wait reach out to us now and learn more at www.klasikfit.com/partnerships