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Klasik Fit is excited to bring top-notch personal trainers to South Florida, integrating fitness into the vibrant lifestyle of the region. Our cutting-edge virtual platform makes it easy to connect with experienced local trainers, streamlining your journey to fitness. Choose between virtual sessions or in-person workouts, with expert trainers ready to support you in South Florida.

Achieve a healthier, stronger version of yourself in South Florida, where our fitness services complement the energetic and diverse community spirit.

At Home Trainers in South Florida

Our trainers in South Florida offer a comprehensive health and fitness experience. From your initial in-depth consultation to creating a personalized fitness roadmap, we’re here to support you on your journey and empower you to keep going, no matter where you choose to train.


Specialities: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit L1

Born in Stockholm and moving to NYC in 2020, Klara transitioned from a head baker to embracing her passion for fitness. Discovering CrossFit transformed her approach to exercise, shifting from calorie-focused workouts to fun, communal training. Now a certified personal trainer and nutritionist based in Florida, Klara is dedicated to helping others find joy in movement and self-love.


Specialities: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Postural Restoration, Pain Management, Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Biomechanics, Special Populations (Geriatrics, Chronic Pain or Disease)

Danielle, originally from Western MA, developed a strong affinity for sports, playing soccer and basketball throughout her youth. In college, a less active lifestyle led to significant weight gain, but she rediscovered her passion for fitness through weightlifting, losing 100 pounds and transforming her diet, which inspired her to become a certified personal trainer. After three years in personal training, encountering clients with various health challenges motivated her to pursue physical therapy education. This experience broadened her understanding of different pathologies and how to adapt strength and conditioning to diverse health needs, fueling her passion for empowering individuals to strengthen their physical abilities, boost confidence, and minimize injury risk.


Specialities: Post Partum, Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention, Weight Loss, 65+ Fitness, Neurodivergent clients, ADHD, Autism, Low Back Pain, Herniated Discs, Hip Pain, Hip Mobility, Diastasis Recti

As a child of an Army doctor who grew up around the world, Victoria witnessed firsthand the impact of lifestyle on health, fueling her commitment to promoting healthier living and functional movement for longevity. Her journey took a transformative turn in April 2022 after experiencing the challenges of pregnancy and postpartum fitness following a c-section. This period highlighted the resilience of women and the importance of supporting mothers in regaining strength and confidence. Dedicated to tailoring her training to individual needs, setting achievable goals, and ensuring the journey is enjoyable, Victoria has become a go-to trainer for those seeking a compassionate and adaptable approach to fitness.

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