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Klasik Fit brings top-notch personal training to the Tampa Bay Area, combining the area’s lively atmosphere with our innovative virtual fitness platform. This platform connects you directly with skilled local trainers, simplifying your fitness journey. Whether you prefer virtual or in-person sessions, our expert trainers are ready to guide you to achieve your fitness goals.

Discover fitness in Tampa Bay, where Klasik Fit blends workouts with local charm, making every session part of your lifestyle.

At Home Trainers in Tampa Bay Area

Our trainers in the Tampa Bay Area offer a comprehensive health and fitness experience. From your initial in-depth consultation to creating a personalized fitness roadmap, we’re here to support you on your journey and empower you to keep going, no matter where you choose to train.


Specialities: Group Fitness, Yoga, 65+, Pediatrics, Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation, Mind-Body Connection, Functional Fitness, Mobility Training, ANY Fitness Level & ANY Body

Surrounded by a health-focused family in Orlando, FL, Sara was drawn to fitness from a young age. Her passion deepened during her Exercise Science studies at the University of Florida, especially after seeing physical therapy’s impact on her grandfather’s Parkinson’s. Now, as a personal trainer, Sara is eager to share her knowledge and enthusiasm, promising fun workouts tailored to your music and goals.


Specialities: Lifestyle & Motivation, Strength Training, Weight Management

Born in Colorado and moved to Florida at a young age, Monique faced obesity and low self-esteem early in life. Her journey towards fitness began in high school when she decided to embrace a pescetarian diet and started exercising, leading to a significant weight loss of over 60lbs within 9 months. This transformation not only boosted her confidence but also ignited a passion to help others achieve their fitness goals and boost their self-esteem. Driven by her own struggles, Monique aims to uplift and positively impact others. Beyond fitness, she has a deep love for music, holding an AA Degree in Music from Hillsborough Community College since 2018, and whether in the gym or at a music festival, Monique is always dancing to her own rhythm.


Specialities: Functional Fitness, Injury Prevention, Weight Training, Hip Hop Cardio

Steffany’s fitness and nutrition journey began in 2016 during physical therapy, where she also faced challenges with anxiety and depression linked to poor eating habits. This experience, coupled with the compassion she received and insights into the importance of nutrition, inspired her to become a certified personal trainer in 2017. Discovering a passion for weight training, Steffany found fulfillment in the mental aspect of helping others achieve goals they never thought possible by shifting their mindset, highlighting the transformative power of being part of someone’s journey to accomplishment.

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