- Orlando,FL
Meet Adianez ,
Trainer .
Certifications: NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
Specializations: Holistic Approach to Physical Training, Body and Mind Connection, Powerlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Pregnancy and Postpartum Training, Beginners, Advanced, Elderly, Athletic Training
Favorite way to get moving: I love to mix and match my workouts from powerlifting, to body weight workouts depending on the day. For cardio I enjoy roller skating with my husband and fur baby around my neighborhood, or go swimming in my pool. Recently I have discovered a trampoline building and have been loving it as well! Lets not forget YOGA, I'm all about yoga!
Favorite workout music: This is constantly changing but lately it’s been “Virtual Diva” by Don Omar
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream with something warm like a brownie or apple pie. I also love to have a day where I sit around, do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and watch chick flicks while drinking some wine.


Adianez grew up in Puerto Rico until the age of nine and moved to Miami, FL with her parents and two younger brothers. Her creativity and gift for art led her to be accepted at New World School of the Arts Magnet High School, and after graduating moved to Virginia to attain her Bachelor’s degree in fine arts, (although, acting was always in the back of her mind).

Deciding to take a chance, she moved to California to pursue her acting career. During her studies she realized her new found love in the human body and fitness from a holistic standpoint.

While working as a waitress to make ends meet, and auditioning multiple times a day, she dug deeper into fitness. Everyday she’d learn something new, and helped others in the process. It wasn’t until the pandemic, when she got laid off and her acting career came to a complete stop, that she had the opportunity to seek a different path. From there, Adianez, her husband, and their dog, decided to make the move back to Florida, where she studied and became a certified personal trainer!

Now, Adianez has managed to help over fifty clients from all age and sizes, and has thrived in helping others achieve self love, and healthier lifestyles. “Work isn’t work if you’re having fun!”