- Jersey City, NJ
Meet Aleina ,
Trainer .
Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Specializations: Strength and Conditioning, Beginners, Athletic Training, Elderly
Favorite way to get moving: I enjoy heavy leg days w/ core focused endings. Upper body days just became my favorite, its just something about a girl being able to lift heavy dumbbells! My go to that keeps me loose, actively stretching when I’m not busy is how I keep the ball rolling.
Favorite workout music: Hip-Hip/R&B, my current favorite workout song is Anthem by Dreamville
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream & cake I can never get enough. Preferably, red velvet or chocolate moose cake.


Aleina is a 26 year old Brooklyn girl that moved to New Jersey during her sophomore year in college. She played sports since the age of 7 and danced since age 4.

Aleina graduated in 2019 at Felician University in Rutherford NJ with a Bachelors in Science & arts, with a criminal justice major & psychology minor. She also received an additional Forensic certification.

Once she stopped playing sports her sophomore year in college, because of injuries, she still wanted to be a part of the fitness community. She then started to work out on her own in the gym. Aleina started working with a Personal Trainer in 2019 which inspired her to become a trainer herself. Fast forward two years later, she then started training clients and became certified through ISSA.

“I’ve trained from ages 16 to 65 and have gained so much more experience by also allowing my clients to enjoy them self as well while they work out!”