- Saint Lucie, FL
Meet Danielle ,
Trainer .
Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Certified Biomechanics Specialist (in progress), Biomechanics and Performance Consultant, Strength and Conditioning Consultant
Specializations: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Postural Restoration, Pain Management, Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Biomechanics, Special Populations (Geriatrics, Chronic Pain or Disease)
Favorite way to get moving: Weightlifting, Hiking, Playing Basketball
Favorite workout music: 2000’s Pop Punk, Hip Hop, or EDM
Guilty Pleasure: Donuts!


Danielle was born and raised in Western MA. She had a strong love of sports from a young age and played both soccer and basketball from age 5 up through high school. After falling out of sports in college, she gained a lot of weight from being more sedentary. After a while of just mindlessly doing cardio at the gym, she tried weightlifting and instantly fell in love! After a year of weightlifting and drastically changing her nutritional habits, she lost 100 pounds and developed a passion for all things health and fitness, which led her to becoming a certified personal trainer.

After working as a personal trainer for about 3 years, she was seeing clients who had a multitude of comorbidities – such as chronic pain, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, and more. This led her to further her education about how to best help these types of clients by going back to school for physical therapy. It was here that she learned a great deal about different pathologies and considerations for them both inside and out of the gym. This
knowledge gives her a well-rounded view of how to best incorporate strength and conditioning regardless of someone’s personal health circumstances. Her passion is helping people get stronger and more confident in their physical abilities while reducing likelihood for injury!