- Philadelphia, PA
Meet Erik ,
Trainer .
Certifications: ISSA Personal Trainer Certified, ACE Functional Training Specialist
Specializations: Holistic Approach to Physical Training, Mind, body connection, Strength training, rehab/prehab mobility and flexibility training. Martial Arts training, (boxing, Kickboxing, wing chun, muay thai, tai chi, jeet kun do).
Favorite way to get moving: Martial Arts training
Favorite workout music: Rock, metal and rap or anything with a good beat
Guilty Pleasure: Video games, esotericism and conspiracy theories


Born in Mexico, raised in Brooklyn and matured in Pennsylvania. Erik’s journey has taken him to a journey in health and overall wellness. His curiosity has led him to study, everything from fitness, nutrition, psychology, physiology. All in order to lead a healthier and better life for himself. Now he wishes to share what he’s learned and encourage self development and self improvement. He hopes he can make a difference in the lives of the people he works with, so that his community can be healthier and stronger together!