- Clearwater, FL
Meet Gianna ,
Trainer .
Certifications: Fitness Mentors Certified Personal Trainer
Specializations: Fitness Beginners
Favorite way to get moving: Anything outdoors immersed in nature, like roller skating along the water, running on the beach, or biking around town.
Favorite workout music: Alternative Indie Pop
Guilty Pleasure: I have a diabolical sweet tooth, there is always room for dessert! And, eating while I drive, I cannot wait until I get home!


Gianna was raised in Bradenton, Florida. She had a very happy and balanced upbringing, alongside her siblings, where she was encouraged to explore her love for art and creativity, excel in academics, and thrive in sports. She’s competed in Track & Field, Cross-Country, Soccer, and Weightlifting where her passion for health and fitness was sparked.

As she dove into her studies of Health Sciences at the University of South Florida and graduated, Gianna waited tables unsure of what her future held, but sure that her love for art and fitness would guide her forward.

While Gianna still loves to paint in her free time, she has passionately applied herself to personal training – believing that everyone should be passionate about their health and fitness. Gianna’s mission is to help others be the best versions of themselves and, ultimately, to help you live a long and happy life!