- Parkesburg, PA
Meet Jessica ,
Trainer .
Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Specializations: Strength Training, Mind Body Connection, Fitness Beginners
Favorite way to get moving: Right now I'm loving lifting some heavy objects because I'm in my bodybuilding era, but there are those days where I prefer to reconnect myself and my body through yoga. I also love reading a book or watching a fun show while doing a bit of cardio!
Favorite workout music: Current fav artists for the gym are Bad Omens and Bilmuri
Guilty Pleasure: Going to different coffee shops and cafes to sip on some Chai tea lattes and taking a weekly run to my local cookie store! I also can't pass up an excuse to stay snuggled up in bed with my cats on a gloomy rainy day and watch some comfort movies!


Jessica grew up as a pretty active child – always playing baseball in the yard with her brothers, swimming in their pool, constantly riding her bike around the neighborhood until the sun set. She played on soccer teams at the YMCA and in school and even played lacrosse when she was in middle school. Unfortunately, once she got to high school, she fell out of love with sports because the super competitive nature was just not fun anymore and it took time away from pursuing her dream career as a veterinarian.

Unfortunately, her senior year came around and, as Jessica was about to graduate, she came to the realization that working in the veterinary world was not going to be obtainable due to some unforeseen circumstances. Instead, she went full time at her retail job while she tried to figure out what she was going to do next. As the years passed she became very unhappy with herself and her body. Jessica ended up trying every fad diet in the book – always looking for a shortcut thinking that, somehow, some magic pill or cutting carbs or “magic abs in 10 days” workouts would not only change her body but fix her mental health as well.

It wasn’t until the pandemic that Jessica’s mentality shifted. She realized that it wasn’t about what she looked like, but how she felt inside. Slowly, she began changing her eating habits towards eating healthy but still allowing herself the foods she loves.

She started talking daily walks around her neighborhood and doing home workouts of all types. Jessica really started to listen to her body, which changed her appearance and her mental health drastically! Once gyms started opening back up she found her love for strength training and bodybuilding – finding a community of people that not only wanted help her get better, but she had people coming to her for help too. It just was not something she ever imagined would happen. From there, Jessica decided to study and get her certification to properly help people who are where she has been.

Jessica wants people, especially women, to know that it doesn’t matter your size, how flat your tummy is or how others perceive you. It’s about how you perceive yourself and how you feel in your own body. Feeling strong and healthy doesn’t mean you have to be tiny, nor does it mean you have to give up your weekly cookie shop stops! It’s small habit changes that make big life impacts.

" Control the controllable. "