- Jersey City, NJ
Meet Juliana ,
Trainer .
Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, IIN Health Coach
Specializations: Pre- and Post-natal, Flexibility, Weight Loss, All Fitness Levels
Favorite way to get moving: I love going to the gym and doing circuit training. When the weather allows my bike is my go to, great way to move my body and enjoy the outdoors!
Favorite workout music: Reggaeton with a mix of techno and salsa (so I can have an active rest day by doing some solo dancing)
Guilty Pleasure: A Nutella Crepe on my couch while I hit next episode on Netflix!


Juliana was born in Cali, Colombia, a bustling city renowned for its highly active population. Whether it’s hiking, biking, rollerblading, swimming, crossfit, or pumping iron at an old=school steel gym, there’s always a crowd ready to join in. The city’s heat, combined with a collective emphasis on physical fitness, creates a pervasive atmosphere of vitality. This was the backdrop of her upbringing.

During her early years, Juliana’s parents directed her sporting endeavors toward swimming. However, as she gained autonomy, she relinquished all sports, convinced that athleticism wasn’t her path. By the age of 16, Juliana’s health had deteriorated, and she found myself overweight and in need of a transformation. Fortunately, residing in a city steeped in fitness culture allowed her to join a nearby gym, where she was introduced to the world of strength training. Six months of rigorous gym workouts, dance classes, and copious amounts of sweat (the absence of air conditioning in the hot Cali gym notwithstanding) resulted in shedding the excess weight, and her doctor declared my illness in remission. This transformative experience ignited Juliana’s passion for fitness.

Despite pursuing business school, her thoughts consistently drifted to workout sessions and the nutritious meals awaiting her. Following a major life shift that led her to the U.S, Juliana decided it was time for a career change as well. She became a certified personal trainer and has since joyfully and successfully navigated the fitness industry.  Juliana can’t wait to bring her experience in her own journey and the knowledge she’s gained through helping countless others into your home.