- Austin, TX
Meet Kendal ,
Trainer .
Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Specializations: Fitness Beginners, Strength Training, Crossfit & HIIT Workouts
Favorite way to get moving: Taking my four amazing australian shepherds for a walk or to the dog park. Their energy inspires me.
Favorite workout music: My best friend's playlist called "Weights & Protein Shakes", it consists of heavy metal and rap music.
Guilty Pleasure: pouring a glass of wine, putting on a true crime documentary or a drama filled reality tv show (love the kardashians) and cuddling with my dogs. also ramen.


Kendal grew up in South Texas, and was very active as a child into her teenage years. She played 4 sports in high school and continued exercising in college. Kendal graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s in Construction Science and became a full time superintendent for a large general contractor in downtown Austin, Texas. While traveling around the US for work for years, she found it to be extremely challenging to stay consistent in the gym and with her diet.

After about 1-1/2 years of working, she gained 40 pounds putting her at my heaviest weight she had been at. Kendal randomly competed in a lifting competition with her friends and somehow managed to PR in her deadlift with a whopping 365 lbs. That was the small win Kendal needed to get her back in the gym! She did a program for 12 weeks and lost the 40 lbs! She was so excited and happy with her progress and continued to be fairly consistent for the next year and a half, even beginning the journey of bikini prep. One week into her bikini prep journey, Kendal suffered a severe case of Rhabdo and was hospitalized for a whole week. She recovered and continued, then life happened. She ended up switching companies and moving to her home state of Texas from California.

Since then, she has really tuned into her personal fitness journey and decided that she could really help people that are struggling with consistency, busy schedules, and just life, making the decision to get her Personal Trainer Certification.

" I know what it takes to overcome those barriers and put yourself first and I want to help people create manageable healthy lifestyles that they'll be able to continue for the rest of their lives! "