- Fort Lauderdale, FL
Meet Monisha ,
Trainer .
Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Specializations: Strength Training, Weight Loss Goals, Functional Fitness, 65+, Post-Rehab, All Fitness Levels
Favorite way to get moving: I have a passion for movement! Right now, I'm really enjoying sprints, lifting, and plyo movements. Also, if there's ever an opportunity to do outdoor activities or try new things (I.e. hike, swim, dabble in sports, rock climb, box, etc.) I'm always in!
Favorite workout music: Just depends on my mood! I'm really loving a mixture of rock, rap/hip hop, and house right now.
Guilty Pleasure: I LOVE food!! My boyfriend and I like to check out new spots to eat (all about balance in life). I also am obsessed with anything chocolate flavored!


Monisha  moved to Florida from Toronto, Canada when she was young. It was hard adapting to a completely new place but, once Moni did, it started to feel like home. Moni was always in and out of sports from childhood, eventually choosing Tennis and sticking with it up until high school. Once Moni started truly growing up, though, there was only time to focus on school. After graduating from the University of Miami Moni, once again, found a way back to fitness.

After school Monisha started exploring the job market thinking about to pursuing Marketing/Advertising. During that time, it was very hard just feeling passion for the work but, Moni had hope that growth would come with the career. Eventually, Moni started struggling with mental health and that is when fitness truly helped out the most. Seriously starting to work on Moni as a human, with a goal to gain healthy weight, Moni learned through trial and error to find energy and light from within. Soon, Moni started gaining strength, not only physically but, mentally too.

As Moni’s journey continued, the realization that helping others feel the same way about fitness set in. Moving from Florida to California to pursue a career in fitness, 2020 sent Moni back to Florida but, it was a blessing in disguise. Moni achieved the National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Certification that year and has never looked back.

" I pride myself in being able to impact lives but help anyone I meet become the strongest version of themselves! Fitness has truly changed my life over the past 9 years and I can't wait to see it change yours! "