- North Bergen, NJ
Meet Raquel ,
Trainer .
Certifications: NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Specializations: Fitness Beginners, Strength & Conditioning, Mobility
Favorite way to get moving: I LOVE lifting weights in the gym especially on upper body day. I love to hike whenever I visit a new destination or simply go on a morning walk in order to get my day going. During the summer I take advantage of heat and enjoy a nice swim at the lake or pool.
Favorite workout music: ANY kind of reggaeton but you can never go wrong with old school reggaeton. My favorite artists have to be Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro so they're definitely always on my playlist!
Guilty Pleasure: Rita's ice cream and the molten chocolate cake from Chili's are my go to sweets!


Raquel grew up in Hudson County, where sports were a HUGE deal. Playing soccer since she was 8 years old, her love for fitness grew every time she stepped into the pitch and she knew she wanted to work in a fitness environment when she grew up! Throughout college she had quite a bit of setbacks as to what her career was going to look like, but going to the gym was something she could always count on to make her feel motivated in the other aspects of her life.

Raquel was on the other side of personal training in those days, as a client, and will forever be so grateful to her trainer that took the time to keep her determined and eventually to mentor her! Through her mentorship, Raquel was inspired to see how much joy she brought into clients’ lives through fitness and, ultimately, she realized that THIS was what she wanted to do.

Raquel knows what it feels like to be discouraged when you can’t accomplish a goal you have in mind when it comes to the gym but, she also knows that having someone to guide you through that discouragement has such a significant impact when it comes to seeing the bigger picture!

" I'm here for guidance and as a helping hand but, I will never take credit for YOUR accomplishments because YOU are the one truly putting in the work and staying consistent. I can't wait to get started! "