- Newtown, PA
Meet Rob ,
Trainer .
Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
Specializations: Fitness Beginners, Former & Current Athletes, Resistance Training, Mind/Muscle Connection, Weight Loss
Favorite way to get moving: Throwing on some good music in my headphones and getting a good resistance band warm-up in.
Favorite workout music: My favorite music to workout to is Hip-Hop and EDM.
Guilty Pleasure: My guilty pleasure is pizza!


Rob had been passionate about fitness for years and finally decided to make his passion his career!

While he transferred colleges and changed majors, Rob struggled with depression and gained 50 pounds due to his mental health, poor diet choices and inconsistent exercises.

On a New Year’s Eve, Rob decided to commit to changing his diet to make better food choices and his training to six days per week. By June he had lost those 50 pounds and achieved a physique he had always dreamed of.

After years in the sports media world, Rob decided to follow his passion and help other people, like you, discover what the discipline developed during a fitness transformation can offer to their lives as a whole.