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Meet Taylor ,
Regional Manager & Trainer .
Certifications: Lifetime Certified Personal Trainer, 250 HR Registered Yoga Teacher
Specializations: Vinyasas, Mobility, & Restorative Yoga, Functional Fitness, Mind and Body Connection, Strength Training, Group Fitness, Weight Loss
Favorite way to get moving: I like to move in a variety of ways to keep it exciting! I like to strength train, yoga and mobility practices, along with taking my pups for hikes and dancing randomly throughout my day for the boost of serotonin and movement!
Favorite workout music: I am a music fanatic so I like to jam out to whatever mood or vibe I'm going for during my session. Love to pair workouts with songs that match tempo and pace of the movements!
Guilty Pleasure: Cheese fries get me every time


Taylor is originally from New York but moved to North Carolina and stayed for 8 years. Now, she’s taken her passion of traveling and coaching others full time in her RV!

Taylor’s love of fitness started maybe not in the traditional way as some others. As an athlete in high school she knew what it meant to train, but as she got older, the diet culture of today led her to chase an unrealistic body aesthetic. With not seeing results, she decided to gain her own knowledge by becoming certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. This led to a transformation in her understanding, knowledge and knowing not any one client are the same. This led to a huge passion to coach and share this holistic approach to others. She “tailors” her experience for each and every client in a way that is sustainable in their everyday life – believing in being a trainer who is here to help you navigate your journey, not dictate it!

Taylor is all about mind and body connection which led her to find another deep passion in Yoga. From suffering with her own anxiety, she uses this as a tool to help form a better connection with your mind and body! It also acts as a great active recovery and mobility session for those who train full time. She can’t wait to work with you and help you fall in love with movement!

Taylor 's clients think she’s pretty great.