The Benefits of Online Personal Training

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When you think of Personal Training, what’s the first picture that pops into your head? Is it a huge gym? Is it the type of trainer you’re working with? Do you smell the decades of built up sweat? Are there machines left and right? If that’s what you were picturing, you’re in luck – Personal Training has evolved SIGNIFICANTLY over the years.

What started out as walking into your local gym, getting paired with some guy in a polo (who oddly reminds you of your local car salesman?) and feeling awkward pushing your hardest with no education on what you’re actually doing (because, honestly, is he even paying attention to you or is he just flirting with more potential customers to meet a quota?) has become a field filled with diverse, passionate and educated professionals who oftentimes don’t even need a gym to help you reach your fitness goals.

That brings us to the question: if personal training is so up close and personal, can it really be effective online?

While our short answer is yes, here’s our long answer:

For starters, 80% of Americans haven’t worked out in the last month and their reasons might sound pretty familiar, like feeling too tired, unmotivated, way too busy, etc. Just having to plop down in your living room, open your laptop, or pull out Google Meets on your phone and BAM! there’s your trainer ready to bring the energy, motivation, and education right to you solves almost all of those barriers. Now you don’t have to waste gas, time, or energy before you workout – just show up and the gym is there for you!

But what about equipment? Unless your goal is to really pack on that muscle beyond even an intermediate lifter’s phase, heavy duty equipment just isn’t necessary. Using just one set of dumbbells, resistance bands, household items, or your body itself is enough to challenge you in various planes of motion. While machines can be great for one specific muscle, these inexpensive and convenient tools are great for your body as a whole!

Don’t Personal Trainers need to use “touch” to coach you though? Nope! In fact, a great trainer should be able to coach you without touching you at all because, for starters, what if that’s not something you’re entirely okay with? Plus, unlike Physical Therapists, Personal Trainers aren’t giving your muscles attention with their hands for healing. Trainers rely on effective coaching and queuing of form like “send your hips back” or “you should be feeling your triceps doing the work here,” that can be applied in the gym, in your home, or through video chat.

What should a Personal Trainer be doing with their hands while you’re moving your body? Taking notes, of course! That’s the beauty of training online – your Coach gets to watch you for proper form and take notes at the same time, since they can have your profile and entire program up next to your video call. This gives them the tools to, not only guide you through an awesome workout that aligns with your goals but, to ensure they’re tracking your progress and any little tweaks that need to be made along the way.

To top it all off, when you train online you don’t just get stuck with the guy who has like 2 time slots open in his schedule at the gym. When you work with a Virtual Personal Training company like Klasik Fit, you open yourself up to trainers that specialize in your specific goals and preferences for the best possible fit, whenever you need them! They do say that when you like your workout buddy, you have a whole lot more fun along the way!

So, next time you brush off the concept of online training, take time to think about what you need and what will work best for you to succeed. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what we’re here for: to ensure you accomplish, then go above and beyond any health and fitness goals you have for yourself.

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