The Death of Corporate America Due To not Investing in their Company Wellness Programs

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In the last year, have you considered leaving your job (and would be willing to take a pay cut) for a work from home opportunity?  Me too.  That’s really how Klasik Fit got started!  But that’s a story for another day.  And if you are anything like me and working from home, it took an adjustment to find the right balance with eating and movement.

The average American has gained 30-50 pounds since the beginning of covid.  Now this is NOT because you stopped going into an office.  This is due to a new routine which involves more sitting and less activity.   From weight gain and just overall unhealthy behaviors we have started, it has left us feeling uncomfortable in our clothes, potential anxiety and depression, and not feeling like ourselves.  Whether you are now back in the office to your normal routine or working from home, it is tough trying to find a way to fit time in to stay active, eat healthy, and be a top performer and succeed in your career.  So what can companies do better to support their employees to live a healthier lifestyle so in return they can focus on investing into their roles within a company?  Provide a company wellness program.

Most companies put their corporate wellness programs as a last initiative because it can be a “pricey” investment costing them tons of resources to build the actual program and manage the program.  When you look at the overall benefits of how a corporate wellness program can help employees from productivity, company culture, etc. the investment is worth it.  The foundation of a company is built on company culture.  Employees want to feel like they are a part of something greater than just them and that they are valued.  Through a company wellness program, different things from team group fitness classes and fitness retreats can be a great way to promote teamwork, morale, and a company culture of inclusivity.

The number one reason people come to Klasik Fit for Personal Training is because they feel they don’t have enough time to workout on their own so they invest into a trainer to help them make time and help them feel better.  Imagine they didn’t have to spend that money and could get that as an additional benefit where they work?!  Employees that feel their company gives them time to do the things they personally need to accomplish during the week will perform at a higher level increasing overall productivity.  So would you rather someone that works 40 hours at a 60% productivity level or someone that works 35 hours at a 90% productivity level?

When employees feel they are valued and the company truly cares about them, they automatically dedicate more time into their roles, their growth within the company, and are happier overall.  This in return will help with reducing days they need to “call off” resulting in increasing the bottom line.  So WE KNOW, it can be tough to get started when it comes to building and managing a corporate wellness program. Well, I happen to know someone 🙂

At Klasik Fit, we work with companies to build the perfect corporate wellness program for the organization that matches company culture and results in higher employee productivity and team inclusiveness.  We start with an initial consultation learning about the organization, their beliefs, and their goals.  From there, we build a customized plan from the program itself to how Klasik Fit will manage the program.  Yes, you heard that right, how KLASIK FIT will manage the program.  We take away all risk from the organization and assume employee management from liability to day-to-day operations.  We will walk you through the implementation process, employee onboarding, and program milestones, goals, and metrics.

So do you work in HR or own a company that you want to implement a corporate wellness program?  Let’s chat!  Book your free consultation today here.

At the end of the day, employees and managers (and really everyone) want to feel good!  Let’s help them get there and in return they will give back to where they work from increased productivity, buying into company initiatives, building relationships with their co-workers, and less call off days.  It’s about time companies invest into their corporate wellness programs before employees find a place that will.