The difference between doing fitness on your own vs. hiring a Personal Trainer?

Fitness Education

Have you ever wondered “Why would I pay someone to help me workout?”.  I’m sure a lot of us ask this question before we make the decision to hire a Personal Trainer.  I’ve personally sat through countless assessments when clients would say to me “Well I know what to do, but I just can’t get myself to do it so I need someone to motivate me”.

Over the last year, I’ve had a lot of time to think about this statement.  While a lot of us may feel we need a Personal Trainer for the accountability piece, let me ask you a question…if you felt 110% confident and comfortable with knowing WHAT to do when you work out, do you really think you would have as hard of a time showing up to do it?

What I find in 90% of the people I talk to who tell me they can’t motivate themselves to workout, it has a lot to do with they don’t know where to start or how to progress themselves properly.  When we decide to “start our fitness journey” we decide we are going to go 110% and workout 7 days a week, follow a meal plan, and cut out every bad habit we have ever done in our entire life.  The reality is, this isn’t a strategy that will work long-term.  Starting at a place where we build small, consistent habits, we will develop long-term success.

When a client starts with Klasik Fit, we ENCOURAGE them to do as many sessions per week they feel they can manage (and it’s OK to do just 1 time a week).  If you are asking yourself right now, “Will I even see results if I only work out with a trainer 1x a week?” The hard answer is yes.  But how?!  If you are working out inconsistently now and go to work out every single week 1x/week for a month, now we have developed a consistent habit and routine.  And in month two, you will be ready for 2 sessions or maybe to start working on your Nutrition or implementing healthy habits into your life like daily walks or no sweet Tuesdays.  Everyone has to start small , start somewhere, and build on those habits over time.

At Klasik Fit, that’s exactly what we figure out for you…what’s our game plan?  What type of workouts?  How many days per week is manageable?  What behaviors should you focus on?….And this sounds like A LOT right?  Because it is.  This is one of the many reasons to hire a Personal Trainer.  Take the thought process out of the game plan and let us put together a customized game plan for you.

Another thing I hear frequently is “I don’t do squats because my knees hurt” or “I don’t have a strong core so I don’t do any core exercises because I don’t want to hurt my back”.  The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear this is I would love to see your form doing these exercises.  When things don’t feel right, we tend to think we just can’t do them.  When you hire a trainer, they will make sure you are doing things the right way not just to prevent injury, but to rehab and to build/strengthen muscles around joints that may not be as strong.  Not only will a trainer check your form and coach you through it, they will make sure your workouts are true progression.  What the heck does that mean?!

Progression workouts are starting at one place and progressing each workout by either increasing intensity or increasing weight.  Personal Trainers’ go through a ton of education on how to do this properly and how to prevent injury.  We also progress workouts by working on full body mobility, stability, and core strength which is going to help with not only just being strong and in shape now, but being able to move functionally and efficiently the older we get.

Ok, last reason why hiring a Personal Trainer is worth the investment…fad workouts and diets.  I can’t tell you how many clients ask me about keto, thigh master, 30 pounds in 30 days…the list goes on.  There is no shortcut when it comes to fitness and nutrition and having someone that you can ask for advice, can give you a personalized game plan, and give you guidance on what works and doesn’t, will help you avoid wasting your time researching and getting frustrated by trying things that just aren’t working.

So why hire a Personal Trainer?  Let them take care of EVERYTHING for you and make fitness and nutrition feel like a part of your life that is effortless.  Fitness and Nutrition should work with your life, not against it.  Not only will a Personal Trainer help you come up with a plan, they will make sure you are executing it the right way from form to progression.  Finally, don’t get frustrated or confused with all the misinformation out there.  Find someone that is educated that can help you find what works for you.

A wise person once told me “We are in control of our health until we are not.”.  We can justify spending money on going out to eat, hanging out with friends, getting our nails and hair done, and going shopping, but remember those things will not be there if we don’t take care of ourselves and our health first.