Erica G.

When did you start working with Klasik Fit?
May 2021

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?
I have none

Why did you start working with Klasik Fit?
I had become sedentary in quarantine and when my boyfriend and I moved, I felt weak carrying boxes up the stairs. I wanted to get into a regular workout routine to help build strength (and lose some weight as a bonus)

Who’s your trainer?
Stef Ginas – she really pushes me and, although empathetic, doesn’t allow me to make excuses. I appreciate how she holds me accountable and really helps me have the best workout possible.

What would you tell someone that is thinking about working with Klasik Fit?
If you’re like me, and you need the accountability of a trainer and a commitment to show up then Klasik Fit is a great option. I’ve worked out more in the 6 months since I’ve joined Klasik Fit than in the past couple of years and it’s because I’ve had trainers who are as committed as I am and who also help fit the workouts into my chaotic schedule. They’re so accommodating and it’s really been an amazing experience.