Ellen G.

When did you start working with Klasik Fit?
September 2020 (og!)

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?
I’ve gone bowling at the bowling alley in the White House (Obama era)
I really enjoy doing crossword puzzles and word games
Currently I’m a speech-language pathologist but I used to teach preschool

Why did you start working with Klasik Fit?
During lockdown I was doing a lot of sitting around and not doing anything active or anything for my own mental and physical health so on a whim I googled personal trainers in the area and stumbled across “Lauren Klasik Fitness”

Who’s your trainer?
Officially? Lauren but I’ve trained with just about everyone at this point lol. I love working with Lauren because she gets me and she knows when to push me to do more even when I claim I can’t

What would you tell someone that is thinking about working with Klasik Fit?
I’d tell them to go for it! Already referred one friend!