James B

When did you start working with Klasik Fit?
March 2022

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?
I’m originally from Baltimore but met my now wife, a lifelong Philadelphian, online and have been here since 2009 I’m a huge Baseball Nerd, along with my wife, and working on seeing a game in each stadium, we just crossed the halfway point. I have been a “working stiff” all my life and went back to school and got my Associate’s Degree at 40.

Why did you start working with Klasik Fit?
I was diagnosed with Diabetes in October of 2021 and was poking around at doing different things to work on my health and having some success. After meeting Lauren at the spin studio where she teaches and speaking with a few of the other students who are also clients, I was very impressed and decided to was time to talk to the experts and take things to the next level.

Who’s your trainer?
Steffany Steffany is awesome as both a trainer and a person. She obviously loves what she does and it comes through in how she does it. She is very well organized in her programs, has made the workouts fun and interesting, and really takes into account what I’m trying to work on and what her vision is on where I should be headed.

What would you tell someone that is thinking about working with Klasik Fit?
Klasik Fit is Quality, Period, Full Stop. Like so many things in life, you get what you pay for and this is no exception. What is your health and well being really worth? They have so many options for programs and people to work with you can really find who and what you are looking for.