What is the Difference between 1-on-1 Personal Training & Fitness Programming?

Fitness Education

When it comes to deciding how to move our bodies, it can be SO confusing and leave us not sure where to start.  We google “the best core workouts” or “high burn calorie workouts” to be thrown into a loop of confusion, varying difficulty levels, and no true progression.  So how do you know what the best workout is for you?  Here is some insight on two different training styles:  Personal Training and Fitness Programming.

When making the decision on the best way to move your body, the first question you should ask yourself is this:

If I had a workout plan and knew exactly what I should be doing, would I complete those workouts on my own vs. do I need more support and accountability from a trainer to move me through workouts?

This is the big difference between following fitness programming and having a 1-on-1 Personal Trainer.  Your Personal Trainer will give you a roadmap (progressive fitness programming) as well as support for that programming through 1-on-1 sessions.  It’s ok to not feel ready to do something consistently on your own whether that be injury related or just not feeling comfortable with proper form and technique which is why a Personal Trainer is there to support you until you get to that point.

Fitness programming is giving you the exact workouts you need to do in order to progress towards your goals without the direct 1-on-1 support.  This is a great option for those that don’t know what progressive programming is or don’t have a strategy when they are going to the gym.  It is also great for those that are currently working out on their own, but maybe not seeing results.  It’s basically having ALL of the knowledge of a Personal Trainer without the in person/1-on-1 support.

Another question that can help you make a choice on which option is best for you is,

How much time do I have to dedicate to my goals and what is my budget?

Fitness programming can be a great option for someone that doesn’t have a lot of time or is on a tighter budget.  It gives you the same workout support, allows you to do it on your own schedule, and is more cost effective than 1-on-1 Personal Training.

Most people think that they have to workout with a trainer 5+ times a week to see results which is not the case if you are seeing a great trainer.  A great trainer will give you a roadmap and workouts to do when you are not together so even if you are on a budget, seeing your trainer 1x/week for the accountability/check-in side of it and then executing the pre-scheduled workouts on your own can also be a great option.

So now that we have some insight on the differences between fitness programming and Personal Training, how do we pick the option that is best for you? If you are deciding to go the Personal Trainer route, you want to ensure the trainer will provide off day programming.  If you have any injuries or concerns, the official tornado cash mirror you want to make sure that they have experience and background working with clients just like you.  Finally, someone you feel comfortable with and can talk to will be crucial!  Personal Training is a collaborative process so if you don’t feel 100% comfortable with your trainer, then there are things that could be missed when it comes to workouts and progression.

If you are going the fitness programming route, you want to make sure that it is meeting your needs.  Good questions to ask yourself…

Are you looking for random short workouts you can do on your own?  Or do you want something that is progressive (an example being it takes you through a beginner strength training program to moderate level)?  Do you want workouts that are more customized for what you need or does  that not really matter and you just want the structure to follow?  There are typically two types of fitness programming:  Custom Fitness Programming and Themed Fitness Programming

Custom Fitness Programming you will be working with a trainer that will build the programming for you and have the support system there to help you , minus the 1-on-1 training time.  This is a great option for someone that feels they can do it on their own, but wants some accountability and support.

Themed Fitness Programming usually does not have the support of a trainer, but is built by a trainer that themes the strategy whether it be progressive strength training, postpartum programming, etc.

So overall, fitness is for everyone and it is up to us to find out what works best for our lifestyle and goals.  Fitness programming is great for someone that has experience in the gym and doesn’t need someone with them to get the job done and they don’t want to think about a game plan.  Personal Training is great for someone that needs that extra level of accountability, coaching.queuing on form, and just overall guidance.

Still not sure which is best for you?  Klasik Fit provides both options!  You can schedule a 30 minute consult with our team today using this link:  https://klasikfit.com/get-started/