What to expect for your first appointment with a Klasik Fit Personal Trainer?

Fitness Education

Hiring a personal trainer can be a little nerve wracking if you have never worked with one before.  So what should you be prepared for?  How will the first session look?  And what should you expect from them?  Here is the 411 of what it looks like hiring a Klasik Fit Coach!


At Klasik Fit, we start with a 30 minute consultation call.  During this call, we explain exactly how we got started and a little background about us.  From there, we will ask you questions related to your day-to-day lifestyle, chronic disease & pain, fitness goals, schedule, and more.  Once we have a good idea of exactly what you’re looking for (and your personality), we will walk you through exactly what your experience will look like with Klasik Fit from who your coach will be, to how we will on board you to our program. So if you have questions, we typically will get them all answered on this call.  From here, we will get you scheduled with your coach for your first session!


So what do you need to prepare for the initial consult call?  Nothing!  It’s OK if you don’t know what your exact fitness goals are or if you haven’t worked out in over a year.  There is zero judgment & the best part is most of the Klasik Fit trainer’s have been in your exact shoes before.  They have their own weight loss stories, their own stories where fitness worked as an outlet to help manage anxiety or depression, or maybe they learned how to build and maintain muscle mass.  We are not your typical “muscle head” trainers and we do take an educational and empowering approach to fitness.


Now that your consultation call is done, let’s talk about your first session with your coach!  Prior to your first session, your coach will reach out to say hi, make sure you have access to the Klasik Fit app, and answer any questions prior to the first time you meet.  At Klasik Fit, we work with your schedule and wherever is the most convenient so that may mean early mornings in your living room or late nights virtually through zoom.  Whatever your preference is, we will accommodate to make fitness fit into your lifestyle!


During your first session, your coach will start off with reviewing your fitness goals and getting to know you.  From there, we will take your biometrics.  What are biometrics?  We have “smart” scales that will give us a deeper dive behind the scale number.  We will also take circumference measurements, blood pressure, heart rate, and anything else that is relevant to your health and fitness goals.  If the analytics piece to your fitness journey is not important to you, don’t worry all of this part is optional.  We will then do a physical assessment where we look at flexibility, cardiorespiratory health, and strength (upper body, lower body, and core).  Now….it’s time to workout!  During your first session, our coaches will make sure you get a full workout with the MAIN GOAL of gauging exactly how you move and where they will begin and progress your fitness plan.


At the end of the first session, your coach will review what they see, exactly what the workouts will look like, discuss a schedule with you, and what they will have you work on in between your next session together.  We believe in not just being a resource for you while we are with you, but while we are not with you so that may mean assigning you a workout you can do on your own through the app or maybe talking through behavioral tips on how to keep indulging in that late night snack, but in a healthier way.


Fitness should fit into your life and not the other way around.  Creating a lifestyle where fitness elevates you and makes you feel good is our number one priority at Klasik Fit.  Now that you have some clarity on what to expect, if you haven’t booked your initial consultation yet, let’s get to know each other better and book it today!