Why are Klasik Fit Coaches Different from your Big Box Gym Personal Trainers?

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Who is Klasik Fit?  Well Klasik Fit started 1 year ago with the vision to change what fitness really means not just for clients, but for trainers.  I’m sure you have walked into a big box gym and witnessed trainers walking up to strangers on the floor trying to give unwelcomed criticism on form or sell them on buying Personal Training with them.  And secret here, this is just as uncomfortable for them as it is you.  So most Personal Trainers decide to leave or pursue another career because they weren’t taught how to sell, they were taught how to train.

Personal Trainers become personal trainers to TRAIN and HELP people because they are passionate about what they do and truly invest into their craft.  At Klasik Fit, we believe that they do just that.  So how are Klasik Fit trainers different from your big box gym trainers?


We believe in letting our trainers do what they do best, TRAIN.  Klasik Fit does ALL of the marketing, advertising, and sales so we have one expectation at Klasik Fit, do what’s best for our client and invest into their success.

And instead of investing into a brick and mortar or some fancy equipment, we invest into our trainers.  This means everything from education, development, and offering career advancement from only promoting from within.  Because wouldn’t you rather have a trainer that understands how to progress you safely, efficiently, prevent injuries, rehab existing ones, AND help you hit your fitness goals?

Something that is few and far between in fitness is a work life balance.  When you become a trainer, you enter into the fitness world with the expectation of early mornings and late nights.  And while you may have a slow afternoon, you are still awake and working for most part of a 15 hour day.  This in turn leads to trainer burn out and ultimately affects their relationships with their clients or discourages them from wanting to work in fitness long-term.

At Klasik Fit, we BELIEVE in a work, life balance.  Almost ALL of our trainers have the weekends off and we do our best to protect their time!  Waking up at 5am to train a client?  We do our best to make sure their day ends before 3pm.  Working late nights?  Let’s work a half day on Fridays.

Who doesn’t want career advancement in a field you truly love?  Klasik Fit gives our trainers FULL-TIME Salaries when they reach 20-25 sessions per week with full benefits, paid time off, compensation for continued education credits, and so much more!
So at the end of the day, why is this all so important?  Well we have the most BAD ASS trainers out there! They are the most educated, personable, & happy team you would ever want to work with and in return they give our clients the best possible experience and support they could receive.


So don’t just take my word for it, take the first step in your journey by meeting with our team and seeing which of our trainers would be the best FIT for you!


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